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US Census

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The U.S. Census


The U.S. Census was mandated by the U.S. Constitution to count the population every ten years beginning in 1790. Refusal to complete the census or false responses on the Census form can lead to fines or a prison term. The census data is used to apportion the U.S. House of Representatives; distribute more than $400 billion annually in federal, state, local and tribal funds; and, to draw state legislative districts. To find out more..



U.S. Census Surveys


The Census Bureau not only collects data about individuals, but also on various other entities. The following list provides a glimpse of the data collected and how often.


  • American Community Survey (annually)
    • The American Community Survey is an on-going survey that is sent to a sample of the population and the results are used to tell what the population looks like, how it lives, and helps communities determine where to locate services and allocate resources.


  • Census of Governments (every 5 years)
    • The Census of Governments identifies the scope and nature of the nation's state and local government sector; provides authoritative benchmark figures of public finance and public employment; classifies local government organizations, powers, and activities; and measures federal, state, and local fiscal relationships.


  • Economic Census (every 5 years)
    • The economic census provides a detailed portrait of the nation's businesses every five years ending in 2 and 7 (e.g., 2007, 2012).


  • Population & Housing Census (every 10 years)
    • This well known census survey is distributed to every household and used to count every resident in the U.S.

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