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Times Topics

Topical Databases/Multimedia


Times Topics

Complete list of the New York Times' Times Topics, broad subject overviews with relevant links



Themes in Inaugural Addresses 

This feature looks at the language of inaugural addresses since the very first address: George Washington's.



District-based breakdown of political representation and activity on all levels, from the local community board to the U.S. senate.  Transparency is the signal interest here: see who is working for you, in what capacities, and with what results; searchable.


Health Care Reform

An interactive timeline of health care overhaul efforts from 1912 - 2010.


Faith-Based Earmarks

All religious earmarks made since 1997 are listed and are searchable here.




Immigration Explorer

An interactive map of how foreign-born groups have settled across the nation, based on census data from 1880-2000


Immigrants and Jobs

An interactive map of foreign-born workers by occupation or country of origin


Illegal Immigrants With Children

Data from the Pew Hispanic Center regarding immigrant households, their education and income levels


Diversity in the Classroom

Demographic changes in the more than 17,000 school districts across the nation; searchable by state.


Faisal Shahzad

An interactive time line of significant events in the life of the failed Times Square bomber of 5/1/2010



 New York School Test Scores

Gives demographic and performance statistics for every school in New York over the last decade and is updated on a rolling basis.  Main page links to data on the largest schools in the city, in the state, and on the largest school districts; searchable.


Diversity in the Classroom

Demographic changes in the more than 17,000 school districts across the nation; searchable by state.


Charter Schools: New York City

A map of the city's charter schools comparing demographics and student performance



The Pay at the Top

Data on totals and distributions of, as well as changes in, executive compensation for the C.E.O.s of 199 public companies with a minimum revenue of $6.3 billion stated by the end of March this year; sortable. 


Medicare Costs

An interactive map providing the geographic variations of Medicare costs and the rates of different kinds of surgeries.


New York Stimulus

An overview of New York's stimulus dollars with breakdowns by county



Murder: New York City

An interactive map displaying information on homicides throughout the five boroughs from 2003 up to the present.  Both victims’ and perpetrators’ names are given where available, in addition to the motive and weapon used.  The data is distributed across nine specific categories; searchable by address or zip code.


Index Crimes Reported: New York State

Violent crime, murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, property crime, burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft reproted from 2005 -2009 in New York listed by county


Hate Crimes Reported: New York State

Reported hate crimes in from 2005 -2008 listed by county


Adult Arrests: New York State

All adult arrests from 2000 - 2009 listed by county



Foreign Affairs/Policy

Five Fronts in the War in Afghanistan

A breakdown of the military's five main points of focus in Afghanistan with color coded maps displaying which area is more sympathetic to the government or the insurgency


Profiting from Iran and the U.S.

Companies that have done business with both Iran and the U.S. in the last decade are listed here, along with the nature of the deals. 


C.I.A. Interrogations of Terror Suspects

A time line of the evolution of C.I.A. interrogations of terror suspects from September 17, 2001 through July 2007

For a time line of Political discourse regarding the interrogations


Faisal Shahzad

An interactive time line of significant events in the life of the failed Times Square bomber of 5/1/2010


The Guantanamo Docket

Wide-ranging set of information related to the detention of 779 men at Guantanamo since 2001-2002 as obtained from political, legal, media, and other sources.  Primarily organized by detainees’ names, citizenship held, and transfer countries, with a timeline of arrivals, transfers, captures, and deaths broken down by year included.


Faces of the Dead

A hyperlinked photo mosaic of all U.S. service members who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, ordered by date of death.  Age, service branch, hometown, and theater given; searchable.



Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill (2010)

A graphic which tracks: where oil is in the gulf, where oil has made landfall, efforts to stop the leak and effects on wildlife


Toxic Waters; Polluters

Tracks regulation compliance failures of around 200,000 facilities across the U.S. with permits to discharge pollutants under the Clean Water Act, as well as states’ responses on relevant issues.  Inspection, violation, and fine information is given for each facility; searchable by city, state, or zip code.

For coal-fired power plants







Bestselling book lists broken down by genre and format.

After Deadline

The Times' responses to frequently asked questions about grammar, style and usage.

U.S.-Made Automobiles

 This feature catalogs of all the models of cars and trucks built in the U.S. 









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