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NYC Crime Resources

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Helpful Links outside of NYC.gov



Find the latest civil, criminal, housing and family cases in court and other relevant information.


NYC.gov Links:


Crime Statistics ( from CompStat) 

Latest weekly crime statistics for the city, borough or precinct. Includes historical perspective going back to 1990.


Advisory Committee on the Judiciary


The Mayor's Advisory Committee on the Judiciary recruits, evaluates, and nominates highly qualified judicial candidates for appointment to the New York City Criminal, Family, and Interim Civil Court. The Committee also evaluates incumbent judges for reappointment to these courts.


Combat Police Corruption, Commission to


The Commission to Combat Police Corruption was created in 1995 as a permanent board to monitor and evaluate the anti-corruption programs, activities, commitment, and efforts of the New York City Police Department, and is completely independent of the NYPD.


Domestic Violence, Mayor's Office to Combat


The Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence coordinates the efforts of the City with public and private initiatives to fight domestic violence and provide services to victims.


Correction, Department of


The Department of Correction (DOC) provides for the care, custody, and control of persons accused of crimes or convicted and sentenced to one year or less of jail time. The Department manages 15 inmate facilities, 10 of which are on Rikers Island, handles over 100,000 admissions each year, and manages an average daily inmate population of approximately 14,000 individuals.


Investigation, Department of


The Department of Investigation (DOI) promotes and maintains integrity and efficiency in City government operations and services by investigating and referring for prosecution City employees and contractors engaged in corrupt activities or unethical conduct. It has oversight of more than 70 agencies and 150 boards and commissions that employ more than 300,000 staff members. The Department studies City agencies to determine if corrective action is necessary and recommends actions to prevent criminal misconduct and waste. In Fiscal 2005 the Department received 11,609 complaints and conducted 1,729 investigations.


Juvenile Justice, Department of


The Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) provides detention, aftercare and prevention services to juveniles, ages 7 through 15, in New York City. The Department operates three secure detention and 17 non-secure detention facilities located throughout the City that admit over 5,000 youth each year.


Probation, Department of


The Department of Probation (DOP) contributes to public safety by monitoring and enforcing conditions of probation. The Department is required to supply information and recommendations to the courts on both adult and juvenile cases. Pre-Sentence Investigations are provided to the courts on all convicted adults to aid in sentencing. Investigations and Recommendations Reports are prepared for the Family Court to aid in the decision making on delinquency, Persons In Need of Supervision, custody, visitation, neglect, and adoption cases. The Department annually serves over 60,000 adult probationers and provides intake services, investigation and/or probation supervision for more than 25,000 juveniles each year.


Police Department


The Police Department (NYPD) is committed to providing, with the utmost integrity and respect, a safe and secure environment for the public. The personnel assigned to the Department's 76 precincts, 12 Transit Districts, nine Housing Police Service Areas and other investigative and specialized units, protect life and deter crime while responding to emergency calls and impartially enforcing the law.


Administrative Trials and Hearings, Office of (OATH)


The Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) is an independent,central tribunal which settles or adjudicates a wide range of issues referred by City agencies. Its caseload includes hearings on employee discipline, retention of seized vehicles, license and regulatory enforcement, real estate and loft law violations, contract disputes, and human rights violations. OATH completes between 2,000 and 2,500 cases annually.


Special Enforcement


The Mayor's Office of Special Enforcement is responsible for coordinating enforcement efforts across City agencies to address quality of life issues related to notorious adult use locations, lawless clubs, trademark counterfeiting bazaars, and illegal conversions of apartment buildings into hotels.



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