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NY State Legal Resources

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One of the great things about the New York legal system is that the majority of its courts have an online presence. The New York State Unified Court System provides electronic access to both state and local level court information through its eCourts system.





Find future appearance dates for cases in Criminal, Familly and Housing Court.  You may also view information on both active and disposed cases in Civil Supreme and local Civil Courts.


Court Decisions

Find Supreme Court Civil and Criminal decisions dating back to 2001.



New York Court Help

Provides basic information to address questions about the New York State court system, (i.e., the right court for your problem, getting help at the courthouse and contact information for court managers).


The Appellate Courts hear and determine appeals from the decisions of the Trial Courts. They are the Court of Appeals, the highest Court in the State.


State of New York Court of Appeals

New York State's highest court, established to articulate statewide principles of law in the context of deciding particular lawsuits.


       1st Judicial Department, Appellate Term, Supreme Court New York County Courthouse

       Handles cases in New York and Bronx counties. Provides case information and records, decision, administrative orders and mass tort orders.


        Second Judicial Department

        Access case briefs and decisions of cases handled in Kings, Queens and Richmond counties.


Intermediate Appellate Courts (Intermediate Appeals)

Handle appeals from civil and criminal cases originating in the Civil and Criminal Courts of the City of New York. In the Second Department, the Appellate Terms also have jurisdiction over appeals from civil and criminal cases originating in District, City, Town and Village Courts.


Lower Appellate Courts

The County Courts in the Third and Fourth Departments (although primarily trial courts), hear appeals from cases originating in the City, Town and Village Courts.




New York State Civil Supreme Courts

The Supreme Courts are divided into 12 districts (across 62 counties) in the State. Outside of New York City tthese courts exercise civil jurisdiction while the County Court generally handles criminal matters.


County Court

Established in each county outside of New York City. They are authorized to handle the prosectuion of all crimes committed within the County. This court also has limited jurisdiction in civil cases involving amounts up to $25,000.


Surrogate Court/Family Court

The New York State Surrogate and Family courts are found at the county level outside of NYC.  Court information is usually provided on the county court site.


New York State Commercial Division

The Commercial Division handles complicated commercial cases as part of the Supreme Court of New York State.


Problem Solving Courts

Problem-solving Courts in New York State include: Integrated Domestic Violence Courts, Domesttic Ciolence Courts, Drug Treatment Courts, Mental Health Courts, Sex Offense Courts, Youthful Offender, Domestic Violence Courts and Community Courts.


Town and Village Justice Courts

These courts are instrumental in resolving community disputes involving vehicle and traffic matters, small claimms, evictions, civil matters and criminal offenses.




Court Decisions

Use this page to find published decisions for the Court of Appeals, Trial Courts, Commerical Division, and Court of Claims.


Attorney Directory

Use this database to search for attorneys representing litigants in the New York State Court system.


Structure of the New York State Courts

Provides a visual hierarchical chart of the court system.


New York State Courts: An Introductory Guide

Self-entitled, this guide provides a good easy to read introduction to the court system of New York State.


New York Court Guides

These guides contain a wealth of information about the courts in your area & throughout New York State. Includes court descriptions, addresses, phone numbers, directions to the courthouses, hours of operation, etc.


Criminal Justice System Handbook

The handbook provides explanation of the entire criminal process, from arrest to appeal.


Accessing Administrative and Court Records

This page provides you with FOIL information concerning court documents.

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